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The Mate Erp Suite

Mate ERP Suite is a collection of business management software tools designed to automate and organize data into one central place for easy decision making with the ability to customize for different business operations including Services, Charity, Interest Free Finance, Investment,manufacturing and Academics.

Mate ERP Suite is designed with different modules that are further customized to suite your business operations including,CRM, HRM, Accounting, Billing, Payment collections,Product management, Membership management, manufacturing, Project management, Point of Sale and inventory management. System features for different versions are enabled to be accessed by the users on desktop or mobile. Mate ERP Suite makes it easy for your team to view notifications and collaborate quickly.

OfficeMate Erp

The OfficeMateErp was designed as a customizable Enterprise Resource Plan System to automate business processes for SMEs and large organizations into one central point for quick decision making and analytics. OfficeMate has modules like Customer Relations Management Center, Business Management Center, Accounting and Finance Center and so many more.

OfficeMate is also intergrated with sms notification, online payment solution and a state of art Mobile App that is designed with self service features for convinience to users from various business units.


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SaccoMate ERP is an interest free finance management software designed to automate and digitize Cooperative societies, Thrift collections/Saving groups or Sacco.

The Saccomate software can be used to manage Savings, intrest free loans, investments, Agency banking and E-banking using customized mobile app.


SchoolMate extends a robust school management platform with features for managing Academic records, finance records, discipline records, budgets, staff and sickbay records so whether you run a mid-sized school or a large environment with a big population.

you can trust that SchoolMate will reduce the volume of your work and increase accuracy while at the same time improving revenue collection, all in a centralized setup.

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